Welcome, friend. We’re glad you are here.

How long is a typical service? We meet for about an hour and a half. We serve communion on the 1st Sunday of every month. Sermons are roughly 30 minutes- give or take.

What’s it like? We are a new church in Noblesville, Indiana with a vision to share God’s love in our city and throughout Hamilton County. We are small and growing with a structured, historical worship service yet a relaxed, contemporary feel. Dress how you feel led- there is no expectation on attire.

Do you offer a children’s ministry? Yes- we love children. They are always welcome to join us either for part or all of the worship service, or if you like, we provide a nursery and children’s church as optional ministries.

What denomination are you a part of? Although we are a new church, we have roots that are deep. We are a daughter church of Crossroads Community Church in Fishers, IN and are a member church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

What do you believe? We believe we all have a story. They contain names, dates, and places. They also contain dreams and sorrows – victories and defeats. Our story is not just about us, but it is about God. The heart of our story is about what God is doing, whether we realize it or not. He is the One who has created us and loves us more than we will know. He is the One who allows our dreams to soar and who binds us when we are broken. He whispers His love to us in the midst of pain and defeat. At the heart of God’s story is Jesus Christ, who God sent to restore, rebuild, and to reconcile, and to redeem. Our stories have a happy ending because God has entered our story. This is what it means to be saved. The amazing thing is that God does not just save us, but He uses us: God uses broken and hurting people to bring hope and healing to others. Often the parts of our story that have caused the most pain and heartache are the things that God uses the most profoundly. God has a purpose for you. Come join us at 10am on a Sunday and see what He has in store for you.

Here’s a small glimpse into life at Living Branch. Go ahead and take a sneak peek.

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Ready to make Living Branch Church your home?

It is biblical to commit to a local church (Rom. 12:4-5, Eph. 2:9-22, 1 Cor. 12:12-27) – for your vote and say in church matters, so the elders can care well for you, and for your spiritual benefit! If you have been coming to Living Branch for a while already and prayerfully want this community to be your church, the below attachment is a membership profile that the elders need as soon as you are able. No trick questions! E-mail to kdoane@livingbranch.net. Thank you for your presence at LBC.