John Milton, a Puritan in the English Civil War said, “Reading need not be merely an interesting pastime or scholarly pursuit, but it has significant theological implications for the Christian. What better way to learn the difference between good and evil, vice and virtue, than to gain knowledge of both through reading widely?” We agree, and it’s to that end that we submit some ideas here whether books, websites, or podcasts that you may benefit outside of a Sunday morning whether you are new to Christian ideas or have been around it all your life. May this draw you near to the God who wants to make himself known to you. Enjoy the deep well!

Gospel-Centered, Bible-Believing Books:

1. Bible Reading & Prayer

2. The Nature of God and the Person & Work of Christ

3. Apologetics (A Defense for the Christian Faith)

4. Sin and the Fallen Condition

5. Sharing Your Faith (Evangelism and Outreach)

6. Spiritual Gifts & Spiritual Disciplines

7. Church Membership & Sacraments

8. Christian Living

9. Marriage & Parenting/Children

10. Singleness & Celibacy

For Children

Gospel-Centered, Bible-Believing Websites and Other Resources:

Presbyterian Church in America

Bible and Bible Studies

Other Helpful Blogs, Books and Podcasts

E-mail Pastor Cody at or one of our elders if there is a question about one of these books or if you’d like a recommendation that is not here.  

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