Children in Worship or Nursery

Welcome to Living Branch Kids! We are glad you are considering worshiping with us.

Children’s Ministries at LBC desires to partner with parents as we nurture and disciple the children within our community. Part of this design is the value we place on having children join us for worship. Children of all ages are welcome to worship!  We want children to feel included in worship as well as see it modeled by their families and other Christian adults each week.  Our hope is for parents to embrace this time in church with their children as an opportunity to answer questions, talk with their children and model what worship looks like in a covenant community.

We also recognize that young children engage with age appropriate discipleship; therefore, we offer a nursery for those 4 and younger throughout our service (with a pre-school nursery room for 3-5yr olds).

K-2nd Grade Optional Ministry

For children K-2nd grade, we offer an optional teaching ministry when the sermon begins.  Our 3rd-5th graders remain with their families for the entire service. They will be dismissed before the sermon and led to their classroom as a group by their teacher. They will be brought back to sit with their families during the final song!

3rd-5th Grade Ministry

They will remain with their families for the entire service. Every week we offer them bibles, clipboards, colored pencils, and handouts to help them participate by drawing or taking notes if they like! You can find these at our welcome table, but we ask you return the supplies at the end of service.

Middle School & High School Students

You bet! We’ve got a youth ministry. Want more information? Click Here

Communion Sundays (1st Sunday of month)

Children ages K-2nd grade will join their families on communion Sundays.  For those that have not yet made their own profession of faith, we encourage parents to take children with them upfront to see communion and to ask questions.  Our hope is that our children will be excited about worship and are anticipating being able to join other believers at the table when they have a personal relationship with Jesus!

There are many great resources out there, but Robbie Castleman’s book “Parenting in the Pew” is a wonderful encouragement for parents! In it she says, “Training children to worship can attract parents as well as children to pay attention to the most important thing you can ever train your child to do: worship. Worship is the only thing we get to do forever.” Our hope and vision is that by including children they will grow to love church, love Jesus, and bring glory to Him through their lives and relationships.

We hope your family will join us…welcome to Living Branch Church! Please feel free to e-mail Leanne Seland at for any questions. She’d be happy to talk with you!