UPDATE (as of May 17th, 2020): Living Branch is RESUMING public worship starting Sunday May 24th at Legacy Christian School, but we will adhere faithfully to social distancing practices and CDC guidelines. We will meet in the gym (side door away from the parking lot) rather than in the cafeteria. See this newsletter update below in FAQ format from Pastor Keith:


Due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, instructions given to us from civil authorities, and all corporate gatherings looking different, we realize there will be many preferences about how to do community and this may mean some of you don’t feel comfortable gathering in person for corporate worship in addition to other church events. However, the ministry of Living Branch Church continues, and we want to make sure you have many ways to stay connected to us. We value you being here!


Prayer & Practical Help

If you need any prayer or are aware of specific practical needs, please make sure to e-mail kdoane@livingbranch.net or cbrobst@livingbranch.net. Pastor Keith or Pastor Cody will be glad to pass these requests along to our elders and acting mercy ministry as soon as possible. We encourage you to also lean on your community groups or join one if you don’t have one.


Facebook Live (Formerly Sunday Morning Podcasts)

We invite you to come back to our home page for the streaming of our weekly service audio at 10am on Sundays on Facebook. Our sermons will continue to be posted on the website and our podcast channels. While not the full worship experience, this is a way for us to still be encouraged and fed by God’s Word, be led in song, and reminded of the truth about Jesus we celebrate each Sunday. You can also subscribe and listen to us on Apple, Google, and Spotify. Simply search for Living Branch Church and look for the green tree. Encourage your friends to tune in and follow our channels!


Newsletters & Social Media Updates

We will continue to update you on our status through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as email any new developments in our meeting schedule, ministries or future events. If you have yet, visit our “Contact Us” page or fill out the “I’d like to receive your newsletter” form on our home page.


Resources for Family Worship

Next to each weekly podcast there will be a PDF you can click to follow along with coloring sheets for the children related to a passage we address. There are many great resources out there for family worship, individual devotions, and theological education. The Gospel Coalition (an evangelical reformed group of leaders across denominations) have ideas not only for the COVID-19 crisis, but in general, including the New City Catechism (which has songs, memory verses, and questions/answers with videos) which we have used at Living Branch often in the past. Here are those links: