Our Home Is Your Home

There is a group for everyone! E-mail cbrobst@livingbranch.net to learn how to connect with a community group at Living Branch!

For the 2020-2021 year, we will kick off these new weekly/biweekly options in our homes:

Bubp Group
Meets Friday evenings 1x/month as full group, men & women meeting separately during off weeks. First session Sept. 11.They will be studying Daniel and then Galatians. Contact Ken at klbubp@gmail.com for more information.

Lynn/Doane (Josh and Amberlee) Group
Meets 1st Sunday of the Month from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Men & women will also meet separately once a month. They will be studying 1st Corinthians. Virtual attendance option also provided on Google. Contact David at  lynndavidf@gmail.com for more information.

Longbottom/Doane (Keith and Susan) Group
Meets 1st Sunday with details TBD. Contact Keith at  kdoane@livingbranch.net for more information.

There are many other things we do in the life of the church to build community which you will find in our Sunday morning bulletins. There are conferences, cook outs, and impromptu celebrations so while our community groups are the center of discipleship, prayer, and relationships, we hope it is only the start!

“Biblically, there are only two examples of isolation. One, if you’re a political prisoner. And two, if you’re a martyr. That’s it. So we shouldn’t be living with nor tolerating loneliness.” -Rosaria Butterfield