Our Home Is Your Home

Note: We are breaking for the summer, but will resume soon! We at Living Branch don’t only want to encounter the community of God once a week for a few hours (as wonderful as that is!), but we want relationships throughout our work and school weeks- learning about and living for God in the trenches together. There is a group for everyone! E-mail cbrobst@livingbranch.net to know how to connect with community over the summer!

For the school year 2019-2020, we will kick off new weekly/biweekly options in our homes (those topics, leaders, and times will be determined soon):

2018-2019 Community Groups:

Psalms Group (Led by Keith and Susan Doane/Greg and Kelly Giddings)- Meets Sunday Evenings
E-mail kdoane@livingbranch.net to join or for more information

Leviticus Group (Led by Cody and Courtney Brobst/Josh and Amberlee Doane)- Meets Sundays Evenings (childcare available)
E-mail cbrobst@livingbranch.net to join or for more information

Philippians Group (Led by Ken and Laura Bupb/Brad and Carmen Howell)- Meets Friday Evenings
E-mail klbubp@gmail.com to join or for more information

“Biblically, there are only two examples of isolation. One, if you’re a political prisoner. And two, if you’re a martyr. That’s it. So we shouldn’t be living with nor tolerating loneliness.” -Rosaria Butterfield